Energy Workshops

Energy Art – Paint your Soul

As the number of people with a desire to express themselves through painting is growing, I have decided to pass on my knowledge and experience to all who are willing to learn and those who want to acquire at least the basics on which they can build on their own. For children and adults alike, painting can be a wonderful way to express one's inner self and recognize patterns and feelings. In this way, painting transitions from Art to personal therapy. It relieves stress, triggers happiness and brings inner peace! Painting workshops are carried out by prior agreement.

Return to yourself – Be yourself

These workshops are conducted periodically and with different intentions. However, they have an underlying common goal: to enable us to re-establish a connection with ourselves, our inner voice, strength, intuition and the universe. This accelerates the opening of various unconscious blockages and trauma and transforms them, so we can better accept our life and our own potentials. At the workshop you will also receive a personal message which will help you to increase your Awareness. You will learn new techniques and receive a lot of material to take home with you. Note that the workshop is only the beginning of your personal growth. The real "work" starts after that, in your everyday life. But it's worth it! The feeling of freedom becomes stronger day by day.