The touch of an Angel,
From Birth to Birth

I have also devoted my creative time in last 10 years to writing. In 2016, I self-published my first book The Touch of an Angel, From Birth to Birth, which has just received its English translation. My second book, The Touch of Truth, Truly Free, is already in the making. It is, also, to be followed by a third book.

A book for those who don't like traditional personal development books, but want to read a story that will change the way you see your life's challenges. Let's go further and just say it: everyone should read it.

At some point in your life it simply comes to this:

  • you want to learn how to love and accept yourself more;
  • you want a life-changing approach to showing up with the challenges in your life;
  • you want to finally understand that love comes from within, not without.

Also, traditional spiritual books somewhat irritate you. This book, in contrast, leads you to great universal truths through the true story of a girl and, later, woman, Mao-Tara. The story follows her birth, which she once relived. It illustrates her processes of growing up, discovering herself and the society; her acceptance of the invisible world and the journey that brought her back to herself; her travels. The book’s straightforward honesty and truthfulness touches your heart, shakes you up, warms your spirit and cheers you up. It brings tears to your eyes, but also a smile to your lips and, above all, it guides you towards the unfolding of your own inner processes, which encourage positive changes in your life.

The book is a collection of 197 pages of realizations regarding all aspects of life. It enables anyone to identify with a part of it, prepares readers to recognize a part of their subconsciousness, their pains, fears, prepares them to muster up courage for personal growth. The book explains that traumas are a part of life, but it is up to us what to do with these experiences … Do they serve us as an excuse for an inability, or do we recognize in them a gift enabling us to do something great in our life?

Easy to read and highly descriptive, this masterpiece will inspire you to brave the path to pursuing your dreams.

My readers’ reactions are beautiful and inspiring. They have exceeded all of my expectations. I wish for the inspiration, touch, and feeling that the book conveys, to be felt by people all over the world.


About Mao-Tara (the main character of the book)

My life is colorful, daring and full of challenges. My spirit is adventurous, full of love and contradictions. I hold within me as much gentleness and grace as I do passion and audacity. I am a seeker of truth and a warrior of light. I believe that life is magical and the world is such as we see it and shape ourselves. Therefore, everything is possible. I enjoy discovering foreign lands and cultures, but most of all I like getting to know people, the greatest gifts on the path of our growth. I am here to give, but I am also fond of receiving, since we are each other’s teachers and students at the same time.

As I child, I was a mystery to my surroundings. My senses have been highly developed for as long as I can remember. My innate characteristics sometimes surprised or even frightened my parents and my wider surroundings; nevertheless, my presence was always accepted as a positive and inspiring one.

I began to explore the spiritual world, bioenergy, Eastern sciences and knowledge already in my girlhood, which was a difficult task back then, as you could only find very little literature on these subjects, especially in my language.

I took up meditating at the age of twelve, to manage to cope with the energies that the universe was bringing my way.

Throughout my life, my knowledge and wisdom have been constantly evolving. One could say that my spiritual teacher has been the Universe itself.

At the age of 26 I turned my life upside down. I let go of everything I had created and traveled to Brazil. I traveled without any money, material possessions, or command of their language. I visited a spiritual Fazenda, met a beguiling shaman, lived in dangerous favelas and found my true self. I started to follow my mission and use my gifts in order to create, and to help people. (I count among my gifts painting, writing, a capacity to conduct workshops and therapies.) It was around that time that I also started to process my traumatic childhood experience, the abuse at the age of less than three. Increasing the awareness of that experience resulted in even more light and inner strength in my life. I have been able to use these to help others and fulfill my life mission.