Energy Paintings

Paintings beyond the art. My paintings are renowned for their unique style and importance of personal messages that they convey. This are direkt messages from the Univerz which I transmitt through shapes and colors on the canvas with all the love and gratitude to peopel. Paintings are very symbolic and very diverse, and often in the form of mandalas. The images are three-dimensional. Technique is acrylic on canvas. They contain a wide variety of natural materials that match the very purpose of the painting. (earth, sand, wood, stones, plants, metals and above all crystals ...). and various other materials such as golden sheets, contours, Das mass, modeling paste etc.

My creation is pure and primarily intended to help people, so I received a lot of feedback from people who already have them, which gives me a great pleasure.

So far, they have been displayed at over fifty exhibitions in Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Croatia, The Canary Islands and New York. There are, currently, over a thousand of my personal paintings distributed throughout the world.

But I think that explanation of my creation is not so important, because paintings speak for them self and it is most important to see them and feel them by yourself. This is the only valuable information you need.

Latest work

Touch of an Angel (70x70 cm)

Liberation from chains and limitations, which brings a revival through pure Love.

Material: gold sheets, wire, contour, acrylic paint, canvas, crystals.

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Quartz Star, Agate.

Healing (30x30 cm)

Healing energy that heals heart wounds. When the heart is reopened, the wheel of life revolves in all its magic and beauty.

Material: gold sheets, contour, acrylic paint, canvas, crystals.

Crystals: Jade, Amethyst, Carnelian, Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Agate, Citrine, Garnet.

Mandala of Fusion (20x20 cm)

Personal energy painting, made on commission for an individual client. Balance of male and female energy, wisdom and intuition, thoughts and communication.

Material: silver and bronze sheets, acrylic paint, canvas, crystals.

Crystals: Aventurine, blue Agate.

Awakening of mankind (90x90 cm)

A transition from the point of ignorance to knowledge and, finally, to awareness. In twelve steps of soul therapy, we reach a point of awareness and transformation, where we finally wake up.

Material: gold sheets, DAS paste, wood, wire, 3D paste, contour, acrylic paint, canvas, crystals.

Crystals: Quartz, Amazonite, Aventurine.

Circle of Life: Balance (100x100 cm)

The picture contains a lot of symbolism. The tree is a symbol of life and growth, just like the circle. The roots represent power, stability and grounding. They grow from a center of light, eternity and power. The roots create a symbol of the Celtic cross, which symbolizes resurrection, or implies that light always overcomes the darkness, but both are necessary for balance.

Material: bronze sheets, metal washers, acrylic paint, canvas, crystals.

Crystals: yellow Calcite, Stone of Happiness, green Agate, Mookaite, Quartz.

Materialization (70x70 cm)

Pure universal, creative energy with solid foundations (trust, inner strength and will) creates, realizes and materializes everything based on honest purposes.

Material: gold sheets, contour, DAS paste, acrylic paint, canvas, crystals.

Crystals: Quartz.

Angel of Earth and Growth (70x70 cm)

Personal energy painting, made on commission for an individual client. Strong roots create the ground and the possibility of eternal growth. Female energy, like that of Mother Earth, represents fertility and abundance in all areas of life.

Material: bronze and gold sheets, dried leaves, 3D paste, contour, acrylic paint, canvas, crystals.

Crystals: red Coral, Tiger's Eye.

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